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crème de la crème
Queen Cream of Crab Soup

My A-HA Moment:


My first Thanksgiving dinner at my home... As an appetizer, I made a batch of cream of crab soup along with the traditional foods like turkey, mac & cheese, green beans and so on; oh yes, did I mention I can throw down in the kitchen? So, I'm used to family and friends dancing in the chairs while they eat my food because it is just that fabulous! The reaction from my family over the soup was amazing, different, and not so surprising: they were scraping the bowls with their spoons asking, begging, pleading for more! I thought, "Hmmmm maybe I have something here!" Now, it's one of my signature menu items. 



Why My Soup?



My soup is unique because of the love I put into every batch. I use only the highest quality ingredients, and with the way I process the soup, and the quality it retains from fresh to frozen, it never loses its quality!


Call for pricing...


Please email or call to place your order!


Office: 410-504-2848; 443-253-3096








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