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since 2007​

The Chef:

Meet the Chef…,


Chef Deborah Michele Cooper is the very definition of the phrase “Food for the Soul”.  At a very early age while spending quality time with her mother, Chef Cooper learned and knew her way around the kitchen.  Her passion for culinary cuisine grew from a childhood beloved hobby to a dream realized; gifted from the Lord above.  She has vowed to create a marriage between good times and good eats; one plate at a time!!


As “Chef Debbie” ( as she is so affectionately called) has evolved into the tender hearted chef that we all know and love, so too has her dream progressed into a spiritual mission to feed everyone from the less fortunate to “ the elite”.  During this time cooking for her family and friends was something that she loved to do and every opportunity that was presented, she ran with.  She decided to turn her passion for food and people into a business.  A business that she could call her own and where she could showcase the gift that God blessed her with.  Thus, Debbie’s Cuisine Catering was born in 2003.  Starting with a modest budget and humble beginnings, Chef Debbie worked a full-time job, attended school full-time, and built a “word of mouth” business  from the ground up to mature such a gift.  Chef’s niche in this business…

“It is all about relationships and getting to know the needs of each individual patron in order to create an array of food possibilities and choices for their uniquely designed event, gathering, or intimate affair. I love to witness people eating great food; all the while laughing, dancing in their chairs, conversing about the event and the meal that Debbie’s Cuisine Catering has prepared “with love” for them. To know that I am fortunate enough to take part in such moments like these is truly an honor and a blessing.”


Chef Debbie received her B.S. in Accounting from Morgan State University in 1997 and received her A.A. in Professional Cooking and Baking from Baltimore International College in 2005.  She attended and graduated from the Women’s Entrepreneurs of Baltimore (WEB) Core 45 class in 2007.  She enrolled and came in 2nd place in the “Final Pitch contest of the Entrepreneurship Class given by The Empowerment Economic Coalition of The Empowerment Temple AME Church.  Taking a leap of faith, Chef Debbie also persevered and pushed her way through to the second round of the esteemed show Shark Tank; entering a video and product submission with her famous “Queen of the Cream” cream of crab soup, which the director and film crew were fighting over.  If that wasn’t enough, Chef Debbie is also featured at local Farmer’s Markets, charity events, local businesses’ annual events & parties, as well as a private home or public function nearest you.


We are now anxiously awaiting to meet all of you; see you at your next event…



The Company:

Debbie’s Cuisine Catering, LLC was founded in 2007 by Chef Debbie Massey. We’re located in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, and service the Mid-Atlantic Region.



Our Mission:

To provide healthy meals to busy families – breakfast, lunch or dinner. We strive to be the Mid-Atlantic Regions caterer of choice by offering fresh ingredients and timely deliveries to homes, schools and businesses.

It all began one afternoon in Debbie's kitchen....
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